Why Fast Progress Matters As A New Comedian

31 May

become-comedianI’m sure you read the title of this article and thought that making rapid progress as a comedian is because of quickly achieving fame or fortune.

Actually, I want to approach this from a different perspective.

When I speak of making progress as quickly as possible as a comedian, it actually revolves around three very important aspects of stand-up comedy critical in the beginning – confidence, motivation and persistence.

Let me explain what I mean.

As a general rule, folks tend to do (and certainly like to do) those things that they are proficient at.

The more success they have, the more motivated they are to move forward and the more confidence that they have to move forward.

Like most every other challenging endeavor in life, becoming a comedian is a process. For some, it’s a faster process than for others.

That process involves the willingness to engage experimentation, knowing that some things will work better than others.

It also involves being able to make intelligent and calculated adjustments to stand-up comedy material (including throwing it out completely if needed) in order to develop initial “core” material that acts as the foundation for a high level stand-up comedy routine.

Note: I discuss “core” stand-up comedy material at length in my newsletter for those who want to pursue stand-up comedy on a pro level.

The faster a new comedian can demonstrate that they can entertain an audience at a high level with consistency, the faster more advanced performing opportunities that become available.

But what is equally as important is the unparalleled experience of personal satisfaction that happens when a comedian stands in front of an audience and causes them to howl with laughter.

That creates a situation of confidence and motivation to move forward far greater than anything I can think of.

Plus, there’s another important consideration which is…

Until a comedian has developed a noteworthy stand-up comedy act (regardless of the level they may be at), there are usually no “advancing” performing opportunities available.

Here’s the bottom line:

I don’t want anyone who wants to become a comedian to “spin their wheels” and not make progress as fast as possible.

I did that when I started my comedy career and just about quit because I couldn’t make the “conventional wisdom” about developing and delivering a stand-up comedy routine work for me.

I know that I am not alone from that aspect.

And while anyone can review the 5 free stand-up comedy lessons that I offer, the most important thing is to be able to make progress quickly as a new comedian to bolster confidence, motivation and persistence, no matter what process or method they use to attain their stand-up comedy dreams and desires.

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