A Starting Point For Stand-up Comedy

06 Aug

getting-startedWhen someone gets the notion that they want to try stand-up comedy, one of the first questions that seems to pop up is…

How do I get started as a comedian?

Before I proceed, let me say this:

There is much more than meets the eye when it comes to becoming a comedian.

Professional comedians make stand-up comedy look easy. Don’t be fooled.

A lot of work and effort goes into being able to develop and deliver a stand-up comedy routine that will generate significant laughs on a consistent basis.

So for those who have pondered the notion of at least trying stand-up comedy, one of the first things you should probably investigate is the performing opportunities available where you live.

The reason I say that is because:

The development of a high level stand-up comedy routine is dependent on taking advantage of ANY performing opportunity available.

Yes, there is MUCH that can be done to prepare for a stand-up comedy performance before a new comedian hits the stage.

But without places to hone and workout stand-up comedy material in front of a variety of audiences, it’s just almost impossible to make headway.

Depending upon where a person lives, there may be many performing opportunities for new comedians.

For example, those who live in the larger metro areas like New York, LA, Boston, Chicago, etc. may actually be able to get on stage almost on a nightly basis.

In other places, local performing opportunities may be limited, requiring travel to get stage time or may involve more creative approaches to getting stage time.

So one of the first things that I would recommend that a prospective comedian do is to find out if there are performing opportunities available locally.

Probably the best way to do this is to locate the nearest comedy open mic night, then talk to the comedians who are performing there to find out where there may be other places to perform.

Also keep this in mind:

While many comedy open mics are hosted by comedy clubs, there are usually a number of other places that also offer performing opportunities for new comedians (ie: coffee houses).

The important thing to take away from this article is this:

You must have a place or places to perform, get stage experience and hone your skills a comedian, whether you get involved with the “traditional” comedy open mic opportunities or create your own performing opportunities.

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