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Steve Roye Comedian TrainerThe blog you are on now is one of several that I have that are geared towards those who are serious about taking a shot at stand-up comedy.

The reason I have multiple blogs is that I try to present what I have to offer in the way of baseline information for new comedians from a number of different perspectives.

When I started my stand-up comedy career, there was no such basic information available (ATM machines were still relatively new then believe it or not — man, does that make me feel old).

I got all the books on stand-up comedy at the time and attended workshops to try to “figure out” how to develop and deliver a stand-up comedy act that actually got great laughs.

That didn’t work and I almost quit after 9 months of sucking on stage with my “paper written” jokes.

To make a long story short…

I managed to develop a system for myself that caused me to be able to go from getting limited open mic time to headlining 600-1500 seat venues in a couple of years.

That system is now made available in an extensive online course for new comedians who want to get ahead in the shortest amount of time possible.

All I know is this:

There’s a lot more to developing and delivering a high impact stand-up comedy routine that generates big laughs on a consistent basis than meets the eye.

Most of the roadblocks that talented people have when pursing stand-up comedy are self-imposed, based flawed perceptions.

There are and will always be tremendous opportunities for comedians who can get the big laughs.

To review my more extensive bio, comedy resume, videos, etc., click here.

You can also find more about me on Google+.

And last but not least…

I hope what I have to offer in the way of basic stand-up comedy information on this blog helps in some way. 🙂


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