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Long Set-ups Are A Common Issue With New Comedians

long jokeHave you ever been in a conversation when someone began to tell a joke and it just seems to go on and on with set-up information?

Then when they finally get to the punchline of the joke, it becomes immediately apparent that it simply didn’t have the impact to justify having to endure the long set-up leading to the punchline.

The exact same problem exists in stand-up comedy. New comedians will spend far too much time setting up for the punchlines in their stand-up comedy material.

Here’s why this is an important issue to overcome:

A comedian is not going to make much progress until they can generate an average of 4-6+ laughs per performing minute (optimally producing 18+ seconds of audience laughter each performing minute which is headline level).

Note: You can verify this by simply reviewing established headliner comedian videos on YouTube. Read the rest of this entry »


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Joke Writing Techniques: Be Cautious Of What You Find Online

caution1From time to time, I do a search online for topics or subjects that may be of interest to comedians.

I did that for the term “joke writing techniques” and here are some things I found based on the information provided in a few of the top search engine listings on Google:

One of the things I found that I agree with is that mechanisms or processes that generate laughter are the same in a stand-up comedy act or when laughter is generated during a speech or presentation.

I also agree that the audience needs to be able to understand what you are talking about in your comedy material. Otherwise, they won’t get the “joke” when the punchline is delivered.

Where I have issues with information provided about joke writing techniques is when it is academically factual, yet actually has no usable value. Read the rest of this entry »

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