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Long Set-ups Are A Common Issue With New Comedians

long jokeHave you ever been in a conversation when someone began to tell a joke and it just seems to go on and on with set-up information?

Then when they finally get to the punchline of the joke, it becomes immediately apparent that it simply didn’t have the impact to justify having to endure the long set-up leading to the punchline.

The exact same problem exists in stand-up comedy. New comedians will spend far too much time setting up for the punchlines in their stand-up comedy material.

Here’s why this is an important issue to overcome:

A comedian is not going to make much progress until they can generate an average of 4-6+ laughs per performing minute (optimally producing 18+ seconds of audience laughter each performing minute which is headline level).

Note: You can verify this by simply reviewing established headliner comedian videos on YouTube. Read the rest of this entry »


Posted by on August 13, 2013 in How To Do Comedy


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